Often times, I get requests (paid and non-paid) from friends and clients to help review their website or blog and suggest possible improvements etc. Most of the times I have had to do this, I’ve always been disappointed with what I see on the site. In a “social” world we live in today, there are some elements you can’t afford to leave out on your website, be it business or individual. So, today, I thought I should make a quick check-list of few of the most important elements of a blog. Some are essential tools for backend while others are on the frontend (i.e. what the users see)

PS: Your website developer may not remember to add these things as I’ve seen in most cases. Web developers are not social media strategists so they often miss out some of the most important social elements of a site.

Here you go:

  1. Kickasss user interface. Poor design repels. Get this right, please.
  2. Easy Navigation. Make it easy for visitors to get to the inner pages as fast and easy as possible
  3. Links/Icons to your social media profiles. Do I need to tell you this?
  4. Contact information. Good if you can add a contact form here as well
  5. Search box (especially for a blog)
  6. SEO (backend). Too many sites I’ve reviewed ignore this. Yoast’s SEO plugin will be helpful
  7. Subscribe (for posts or periodic newsletters). This should be on your side bar
  8. Analytics (backend or a third party service like Google Analytics). How do you know how well you’re doing if you don’t track your traffic
  9. RSS, especially for blogs
  10. Social sharing tools (Tweet this, like etc). Crucial

These are just few of the important elements of your sites. You don’t want to ignore any of the above. So, before reaching me for another review of your site, go through the check-list above and ensure they’re intact on your website or blog. Of course, I’m still available and open to more in-depth reviews of either your website or your entire social strategy.

What did I miss out in the list? Please, use the comment box