Best tweets: What kind of messaging works best on Twitter?

If you can conquer the art of tweeting, then you will see great success on Twitter.

You are designing your Twitter profile with every tweet you compose, which makes up the “bigger picture” of how you appear on Twitter. Do you want to look like a preschooler’s crayon drawing? Or do you want to look like a Da Vinci painting? That’s what I thought.

Top tweets formulated at the right time of day and designed with a purpose will lead to professional success on Twitter. These tweets that I am about to show you are top tweets that are designed to get more followers and all kinds of success on Twitter!
Here’s how to make those top tweets appear on Twitter.

Emotional tweets

There are some mad tweeters out there! Not everyone is in a happy or humming mood when they are browsing through their twitter stream.
Some are extremely mad while others are just sad, looking for some comfort through the tweets.

This is a hidden opportunity. Since people are apt to respond more in these types of moods just to get out of their emotional predicament, you won’t be surprised how much response you will receive in return!
Quoted tweets

Something about quotes makes people just go crazy and share it. If you just log onto your Facebook profile and check out your stream, you will somewhere in there see a quote or two.

Actually if you are a heavy Facebook user, you will see them all the time. You know what I am talking about. Same goes with Twitter. Hey, I enjoy quotes myself and use them to spur me to get going to work hard.
Picture tweets

With the new Facebook news feed and the rise of Pinterest, it is creal that images rule. There are everywhere on the internet including almost all of the social media sites.

Picture tweets will always see greater engagement. Experiment with image and pictures and you’ll see that images perform on the same level as the text tweet, if not even better.
Video tweets

Video tweets are another type of multimedia tweets that Twitter supports. Even though videos posted on the internet are nothing new, I have seen a steady rise of interest in it. I myself prefer watching a video on something new than reading a whole page of boring text.

Add this type of top tweet to your Twitter catalog and share more videos on Twitter.

Please “retweet” tweets

You could say this is the “begging” tweet! It really isn’t since you are implying a request that some tweeters will follow-up with.

I have read many other sources on the internet implying that using the word “please” or making a request will get you more engagement.
Sharing “article” tweets

This should be the most common type of tweet, flooding your twitter profile right now.

Twitter, like many other social media sites, is all about sharing relevant information about yourself and the information posted on the internet whether it be a simple article or to a funny video about Charlie Sheen.

Everything that you find interesting on the internet should be tweeted about on twitter since it might be what your following are interested in. If you keep sharing from a specific user and retweeting their tweets, sooner or later they will take notice.

Social media is all about sharing and when another user takes notice that you are sharing their stuff, they are more inclined to return the favor.

Set up a list of twitter profiles that you are interested in retweeting and sooner or later, they will respond.
Conversational tweets

You will also include tweets that look like conversations.

If someone retweets one of your tweets and you thank them for it, that is a conversation.

If someone favorites one of you tweets and you thank them, that is another conversation.

If someone “@” replies you, that is a conversation.

Conversations can be started at any opportunity on Twitter. Talk with people or your followers and let them know that you are human and want to converse with other tweeters.

Source: Social Media Today

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