The Beauty of A Corporate Career Page in Recruiting

Every company doing business in the 21st Century without an online presence (corporate website, social media, etc.) is almost non-existing in the digital world of business. From a human resources standpoint, your company website is often the first impression for candidates, most importantly, the career page section on your corporate website. Your company’s career page could become a powerful recruiting tool if utilised to the fullest.

The career page is such a huge opportunity to show candidates exactly what you want them to see. This is the one corner of the World Wide Web where, as an employer, you have complete control over your employer brand, image, and employment-related messages. Your corporate career page will usually be the first real impression potential employees will get of you as a possible employer of choice. This page should be engaging, easy to navigate, and full of information.

Aside the opportunity for potential candidates to view current job listings, this is the first place where they will get a glimpse of the company’s culture. Naturally, when candidates get to any company website, they will head straight for the career page to glean information about career opportunity in your company. They want to have a feel of what it is like working in your organisation, employee stories, etc. They want to know ahead what it’s in it for them if they decide to join your company.

Your firm’s career page is the organisation’s recruiting strategy that has the power to persevere, unlike some recruiting trends that come and vanish in no time. An adaptive career site is an effective tool that continues to sustain an organisation’s place in strategic recruiting.

It is common sense that the career page is a window for potential candidates to see you as an employer of choice, but unfortunately, many organisations have their career pages cracked and not in good shape. They often overlook and underestimate the career page as an important recruiting tool in winning the war for talent.

Today, a corporate career page gives your company the complete ownership it needs to build its employment brand. Functioning as a hub for your company’s candidate communication strategy, a corporate career page can house each subset of your recruiting message (job seeker content, job listings, social media streams, videos and blogs, etc.). Even as new technology continues to manifest, corporate career pages have proved their staying power by evolving to meet job seekers’ needs. The fact is, career pages are here to stay. And as long as your organisation continues to develop and evolve its own career page, it can remain a critical pillar in your recruiting strategy.

Do you plan to utilise your corporate career page to the fullest in the war for talent? Or you currently don’t know what to feature on your corporate career page? If you answer yes to any of these questions, the following should be of immense help to your recruiting efforts:

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