Are you misusing hashtags? Let’s hash it out

Hmm…hashtags –  one of the most abused things on Twitter, if not the most abused. If you’re active on Twitter, and follow quite a number of friends, it’s so easy to notice how folks abuse this useful, emm, what should we call it now? (Tool or what? :)). Chances are that you’ve been making the same mistake. No worries, this piece will get you back on track. So, let’s dive in:

Primarily, hashtags are used to track (or create) conversations, making it easy to search for tweets. Well, at least that’s the intention of the guys at Twitter. If it’s usage must exceed that, then, it has to be used intelligently.

  • Join a conversation: Oh, #FF or #FollowFriday is currently trending on Twitter and you don’t want to be left out. You’ve got some friends to recommend too. Then, head-on and send your tweet including #FF or #FollowFriday. It may be an event or some form of convo (conversation)…use the appropriate hashtag to join/track such. This is too basic innit?
  • Don’t #Hashtag #every #word #in #your #tweet: You see, it’s just annoying to read tweets like that. It’s easy to get tempted to tweet in such manner but you must crush it. Save words like #the #such etc the stress of being hashtagged, please. If you must use a hashtag in your tweet, ensure it’s a meaningful keyword.
  • #thisisaverylonghashtaganditdescribesmytweet: Aba! How do people find it fun to tweet stuffs like this? Hey, the keyword here is keyword and not a whole sentence.

One key point to remember about hashtags is that it makes it easy for tweets to be searched. So, when people click on that hashtag you just tweeted, what are they gonna see? Only one tweet? No? Here, the simplest advice I’ll give you is never start a hashtag if you don’t have good intentions. Good intention here may be a contest, event, an intended conversation with your followers and the likes.

So, now you know :)

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