7 Secrets That Will Change the Way You Do Social Media Content Marketing In 2018

Savvy social media content marketing experts understand that social networking sites are evolving. They have embraced what is inevitably on the horizon.

Social media is changing and the way to do content marketing on these social platforms has to change too. At the beginning of 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was making changes to the news feed. Given the centrality of the news feed to Facebook’s profit making endeavors, these changes will affect how much the company makes as well as how Facebook users interact with the platform. The changes will reduce the visibility of Facebook changes and increase the visibility of posts from your Facebook friends. Mr. Zuckerberg said he expects the changes to shrink the company’s profits substantially.

These changes come at the backdrop of worldwide backlash against social media networking sites and their perceived undue influence to democracy, partly influenced by an unprecedented emergence and sharing of fake news through these platforms. Just this week, billionaire George Soros strongly denounced Google and Facebook, calling the two a menace to society. You can bet that he is not the only one who feels aggrieved by these and other platforms.
Facebook-The changing face of social media content marketing
At some point, these giants will have to cave in to mounting pressure to make changes to their systems to allow for better social connections and do something about the use of their platforms to propagate hate and exclusion. Facebook’s move is seen as a step towards dealing with this and other problems. These changes are just one example of the changing landscape on social media. As they take effect, businesses will have to figure out how to change their social media content marketing plan.

As always, some social media marketers are panicking trying to figure out how the changing face of social media will affect their social media content marketing strategies. Other marketers are vapid from a repertoire of dated ideas that may not be as effective as they once were.

On the other hand, other social media content marketing experts understand that social media is evolving and have embraced what is inevitably on the horizon. These are the marketers of the future. By identifying new approaches to social engagement, they are bound to reap big. The following are seven secrets that are helping these marketers stand out in a fast-changing social media landscape:

It’s time to invest in highly organized and tech savvy talent

The social media marketers who are succeeding today in lead generation and conversions for their companies understand the need to invest in highly organized and tech savvy talent. This talent is helping them generate a consistent and quality stream of unique content for all their company pages on social networking platforms.

These marketers understand that a workable social media content marketing strategy must include a substantial investment in people who know the content to create to grow a company’s audience and increase brand awareness on these social platforms.

One group of the people that marketers are especially interested in are individuals who have served as editors-in-chief in a publication. Typically, these editors would be used to working under pressure delivering excellent, unique content and would be a great addition to the content marketing department in any company.

Social media is oversaturated with quality content

Social media content marketing teams are struggling with the fact that quality content has saturated social media networking sites, making it increasingly difficult to create interesting and shareable content. As a result, businesses have to spend more to bid for increased visibility of their posts on social media.

It is no longer enough to create quality content; more effort must be directed towards creating unique content that would be irresistible to share. This means that no one person has the winning formula for creating unique content. That is why social marketing teams that are making headway in this front have embraced the idea of regular brainstorming sessions where mining of unique ideas is taking place.

You can realize better customer relations using ChatBots

Any business that fails in Customer Relation Management (CRM) has little hope of attaining noteworthy success. To get ahead, businesses need to incorporate social media in their CRM. Today, this is one of the easiest ways to create a lasting relationship with customers. By using chatbots, you can make real-time customer engagement possible.

Already, Messenger, Vine and Telegram are some of the instant messaging apps that have launched chatbots on their platforms. On Messenger alone, there are about 12,000 bots already in use. As the use of chatbots becomes commonplace, engagement is skyrocketing on these platforms even as the number of people using these apps increases.

According to a recent survey published by HeyWire Business, 79% of consumers are frustrated in one way or another with the existing customer care options for the majority of businesses. What’s more, 53% of customers between the age of 18 and 34 say they prefer using electronic media like web chat, social, text and email to over-the-phone customer support.

These consumer preferences are driving the emergence of chatbots as an efficient way to provide customer support and other similar services to customers 24/7. For business owners, chatbots present an opportunity they can’t refuse; they are excellent in providing data-related information as well as taking requests and do not require the hiring of additional employees for customers service.

In the near future, companies will use chatbots to communicate with their customers and find out, among other things, what content they want to see more of via the companies’ social networking pages. As advances in artificial intelligence (AI) storm the marketplace, you can expect to see more companies add chatbots to their social media marketing strategy.

Publishing rich content increases engagement exponentially

Any competent social media marketer will tell you that the secret to increased engagement on social media today is using rich content like videos and Twitter polls. The reason why rich content is such an excellent way of facilitating user interaction is that rich content requires the user’s input.

For instance, the user will need to press play to watch a video. Twitter polls are an excellent type of rich content; it encourages the user to interact with a brand all the while collecting valuable consumer insights. Although creating rich content takes time and uses more resources, the results are worth the trouble.

Social media content marketing via paid personalized content

The surprise win of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 was in part because of the Trump campaign’s ability to super-target their ads on social media, particularly Facebook. In an interview with “60 Minutes”, the campaign’s digital media lead Brad Parscale explained how his team used A/B testing to serve thousands of personalized ads to different people on social media.

Mr. Parscale leveraged Facebook tools to super-target potential voters. Serving out personalized content made it nearly impossible for the social media users to ignore these ads. This approach is now the difference between your social media posts drowning in the content noise that every business is churning out and increasing visibility, achieving more quality leads and improving conversions.

As social networks change their algorithms to encourage social engagement between friends, only the companies that will figure out how to do paid personalized content will emerge triumphant.

Leveraging the ascendancy of volatile content

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have joined Snapchat in leveraging the use of short-lived content through Stories. This volatile content has gained popularity because of its authenticity and ephemeral nature. In the past, social media marketers have emphasized the need to invest in creating and publishing evergreen content that brands can use to drive social engagement for extended periods.

Short-lived content is changing that. Consumers have embraced transient content because they know it has a short time span after which it will disappear forever. Social media content marketers need to find creative ways to generate an unending flow of volatile content that will keep th5ir customers glued to their stories board on social media sites.

Using influencers to grow your brand

The rise and exponential growth of social media has brought with it influencers who are shaping how people buy products and services. These individuals are helping businesses sell their wares in ways that were impossible before. What sets these people apart is their ability to grow a group of loyal followers, generate unique, engaging and often viral content as well as creating and amplifying trends of social media.

To give you an idea of just how effective using an influencer for your social media content marketing efforts can be, consider this: available statistics show that 49% of all Twitter users value and rely on the recommendations that their trusted influencers make. This may explain in part why Facebook is spending billions to pay top Facebook influencers to create live content.

Social media marketers that are leveraging the ability of influencers to send out their brand message are seeing an exponential jump in their conversion rate – sometimes as high as a 10-times jump in conversions.

Using influencers in combination with services such as Growr and Nuzzel can help your brand and/or company reach your full potential in the social media sphere.

Social media content marketers that understand and use these secrets in their marketing efforts will be a number of steps ahead of those still relying on out-of-date social media strategies. As social media evolves, new opportunities will emerge. As a marketer, you must keep up with the fast-changing social networking landscape if you are to succeed in building meaningful and fruitful relationships with your audiences.

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