6 ways to drive your sales using social media

I am always asked the question, ‘How do you convert social media hypes to sales? How do you get a ROI on the funds, energy and time invested on social media? Is all this activity worth it for my business or products? By the amount of activities, companies and products available online now, it is clear that there are individuals and businesses that are already catching on this trend.


Before you start to ask your followers, fans or friends to patronize your services or products, ensure that you have a platform that already explains the exact nature of your business, product or service. You use this portal to explain the social attraction that your brand offers. You explain in simple language and with a series of broken down statements what you stand for in a manner that is relatable and attractive to your target audience. For instance, if you are a bank that is ready to start making relationships with an audience on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus you should be ready to tone down your corporate speak and interact with your
audience in the manner of one about to establish an interactive friendship. Ensure that you start this relationship. Be ready to start regular discussions and allow people to respond or react to them.

Remember: Social networking is a give and take relationship; also the giving comes before the taking.


Often the easiest tactic to influencing behavior on any social media portal is perfecting your tease act. To be effective in converting hypes to sales, you have to understand how to bait your audience and hook them in with a narrative style that is irresistible. Take some time to study the most popular Twitter personalities in your area or around the world. Just like bloggers, they have perfected the art of the tease by understanding what their audience responds to and timing their posts, tweets and/or updates effectively. This ensures that their audience is hooked from the beginning to the end.

Remember: add links at the end that send the user directly to a portal where purchase or contact for purchase can be made.


One of the biggest mistakes one can make when launching a service or product on social media is to simply drop it without creating any anticipation. Everyone loves a countdown and this is especially true on social networking portals. Some of the most successful social media campaigns involve the use of an exciting countdown to the unveiling of a product, competition or service. A countdown best starts with information at least 2 weeks to the set date that notifies your audience or following that something is about to happen. From 12 hours to the set time, step up posts and updates and involve your followers directly to take part in the countdown which peaks upon the launch and maintains a steady peak after the launch. This creates anticipation in the audience and the perception of a major.


Competition is exciting and popular on social media portals. Take advantage of this. Launch one of your own that would have winners taking some of your products or services as prize. This also increases the popularity of your products or services from a psychological angle for the simple reason that people are competing for it. The secret to converting this to sales is to keep giving away information on how to buy or patronize your services intermittently.


You know them, you might not understand why they are popular but there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people that take their word as law. Identify these individuals first, identify the audience they have and their interaction with them. This will help you understand first if they would fit the kind of product you have. After this study, contact is the next step. These individuals make money from social media hypes and it can be relatively affordable, and endorsement from them can make the difference in your campaign.


Ensure that you provide all the necessary information for anyone to follow. Use emails that would be specifically for social media traffic and phone numbers and other relevant contact detail so you can measure in numbers how much traffic exactly came in from social networks.

It is not possible to focus solely on social media as a place to sell your product or service; however it is a great way to get your name out there to all of your followers and potential new customers.

What do you think? Try some of these tactics yourself and share the results with us. If you also have methods that have worked for you, feel free to share!

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