5 steps to establishing your e-Rep

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These days an online presence is not just enough. It is not enough to have a Facebook account, or to tweet or to have a Google + account. In a world where Facebook has hit the 1 billion mark, Googe plus is currently at 400 million users, Linked In at 175 million users and Twitter stands at 140 million users. You need to answer the question what is your E Rep?

Here are 5 steps to get you started

  • You must know yourself: What makes you stand out from other users. That is the most crucial information you need as you begin the step of building up your E-Rep. What is your difference? your unique selling point? That is the key to standing out. It is not enough to go with what the current trend or flow in social media conversation. For instance, you might decide to go into political commentary because that is where the conversation is going. If you are unable to sustain this, or even to connect, it will all be a waste of time. Do a search of individuals, brands or organizations similar to yours, study what they do and take time to define and carve out a niche or USP for yourself.
  • You must know your audience: Now you know exactly who you are and what stands you out, the next step is to find your audience. On social media sites, this can be very tricky, a lot of times, it will be a trial and error exercise but if you are consistent in following the activities of brands similar to you and monitoring participation and responses to your activities, you are on the right track.
  • You must be able to communicate yourself/brand clearly: So you know yourself and your audience, how do you keep them coming at you? How do you connect with them on a personal basis? Social networking is mostly about short and straight-to the point conversations that give room for more comments and reactions. Once you learn how to state your point clearly and get replies from your audience, you have started communicating
  • You must network: It is called a social network for the very purpose. Did you join Twitter to be watched, well except you are Kanye West, it is pointless. It is a give and take process. You must give of yourself and that includes commenting, liking posts asking questions and creating relationships generally. You must set yourself out there, people need to know you are ready to have an online conversation and to keep it going over time. You must also listen and talk.
  • You must be consistent: This is perhaps the most difficult part of building an E Rep. Consistency is difficult to maintain but it is often times the most crucial part of an online relationship. You need to be actively known for something and that can only come when other users begin to associate you with something. So pick a stand and stick with it.

According to Marena Elena Duron of #Brand Chat, “It is not volume of people – it’s the deeper relationships you form online that will bring forth the volumes of people who see you as credible and worth connecting with.”

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