4 Things you do on Twitter that makes you look stupid


No, you’re not stupid, but the following makes you look so. Your friends won’t tell you the truth. Here’s where you can get the truth from. We have a deal to put you on the right path in your social media journey, right? So, here you go:

  • My Day on Twitter: How useless can this be to your followers? Who cares how many RTs you got today, or how many people followed you? Why should you fill our timeline with such irrelevant tweet? It’s like clapping for yourself after having sex. Of what benefit is that to your followers? I thought this went away with 2012, but it is sad to still see folks subscribe to this trash. Here’s a way out. If you really want to know how well you’re doing on Twitter (RTs, followers et al), there are services that send those stats to your email or as DM. Subscribe to any of those services and save our timeline.
  • Now following, Please follow back: Emm, where should we follow you to? Why must I follow you simply because you’re now following me. Where does begging for follow backs take you to. There are  more intellingentt way to make people follow you on Twitter than begging. Why should anyone even be a slave to follow backs or the number of followers? I don’t need an answer.
  • Talking about yourself all the time: I understand this is so tempting, but please, do less of it. Talking about yourself all the time is plain annoying to some of us following you ‘cos of the value we expect you’ll tweet. Filling our timeline with stories of what your dog ate in the morning without adding a good slant to it is not cool. If your primary value on Twitter is to catch  fun, I bet there are better ways to go about it than telling us about yourself always.
  • Tweeting every thought: What happened to processing our thoughts before sharing them with third parties? Perhaps this is gradually eroding with the development of social media. Why should you tweet everything that comes to your mind all the time. Need samples? Check your timeline and it’s just easy to decode that. I understand that Twitter is thought amplifier, but amplifying all thoughts is one of those things that just make you look stupid to folks

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