4 survival strategies for the social network boom

It feels like new social networks spring up every day. (I mean, there’s even one for cats.) This is a problem for time-strapped social marketers: you want to be where consumers are, but human cloning is still frowned upon.

There are steps you can take, though. These survival tips are designed to help extend your brand presence across multiple social networks without a huge time investment.

1. Study the Native Tongue

Every social network has a distinctive personality. Study what’s unique about the way people use each channel, and create content that reflects that. One brand that does this well is TOMS – from curated, quirky boards on Pinterest to Facebook posts that put the spotlight on fans.

Sounds like a lot of upfront work. But sharing relevant, engaging content means that you can post less frequently and still grow your fan base.

2. But Don’t Lose your Brand’s Voice

Some brands are so good at evoking the spirit of a given social channel that they blend in. Aim to be fun and authentic while still showcasing your brand.

Sharpie uses Instagram to share bright, timely artwork sketched with their line of markers. They’re creating product-related content that people genuinely want to share.

3. Connect Your Campaigns

Running social campaigns across multiple channels is a simple way to extend reach. Brands like Rent the Runway and Warner Bros. run photo contests that accept entries from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Plus, they make it easy to pin submissions to Pinterest with just one click.

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