3 Dark Secrets in Social Media Marketing That Expert Marketers Are Reluctant To Admit

3 Dark Secrets in Social Media Marketing That Expert Marketers Are Reluctant To Admit

Most marketers will admit that social media is a powerful marketing tool in any digital marketing strategy. Ask the older generation and most of them will not quite understand how they can use social media to grow their business; a good number of them believe that social media is almost entirely useless. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between.

But few marketers would be willing to give you the secrets behind their success in social media marketing or admit to their failings in this niche. While there are some businesses that have not found any value in their social media marketing efforts, there is a good number that has been using social media to grow their business in ways they could never have imagined before the emergence of social media.

Indeed, most digital marketers and business executives plan to increase their marketing budgets on social networking sites. And given that social media marketing has the forth highest ROI rating, it comes as no surprise that digital marketers would want to spend more on these platforms. An interesting thing about social media is that by accepting certain truths, some of them unpleasant to admit, marketers are able to better understand social media and take advantage of the opportunities within. The following are some of those dark secrets that most marketers are reluctant to admit:

Social media marketing is in no way free

Social media marketers keeps saying that one big advantage of marketing on social networking sites is the fact that it is absolutely free. This is not quite the truth. While it is entirely free to create business profiles on social media, growing your audience on these sites requires a substantial allocation of resources.

While you might not need to spend a lot to start growing, you will definitely need to spend a lot of time developing and implementing strategies that bring results. Indeed it takes many hours of dedicated work to build business profiles that convert. Even maintaining a basic presence on these platforms requires several hours to be set aside every week. Cumulatively, this amounts to a sizable number and requires access to noteworthy pool of resources.

Predicting success patterns is practically impossible

Years back, when social media was a relatively new phenomenon, self-proclaimed experts would advise business owners to increase the number of posts they publish on their social media profiles every week. These generic suggestions hardly ever worked. The truth is, regardless of how compelling your posts might be, there is practically no proof of an all-conquering formula that guarantees results.

In addition to the fact that companies are different and have their uniqueness, each business has its own problems it is trying to resolve and its audience will be different. What’s more, social networking platforms are constantly evolving. One formula might work today and be entirely bogus a year from now. To understand how to grow your particular business, you must study your niche and audience. This will help you formulate the best possible plan for your particular business proposition.

You need a substantial accumulation of followers before your marketing efforts can start paying off

Social media marketing requires that you first take time to grow your following before you can expect your marketing efforts to bear fruit. The fact is that it will take you a while to grow your audience, before it is big enough to impact your ROI. If you’re new to social media, you need to give yourself time to grow your brand on these platforms.

Be ready to spend some money to accumulate an audience within your target market. During the initial stages, don’t be surprised if your ROI is terrible. Most marketers will be reluctant to admit it but they all know that it takes a long time, and many followers later, before social media marketing efforts can start paying off.

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