10 everyday tools for social media managers

This is not about sophisticated digital marketing tools. It’s about the everyday tools you’ll need as a social media manager or whatever title your organization gives you for handling the social web :). Quite often, I get asked the questions about the tools/services I use daily in my digital marketing life. I hope to just send people this link to answer their question.

*Note: this is not a review of any of the apps.


I use MailChimp to send newsletters. If you’ll be sending newsletters daily, weekly, or monthly, you’ll find MailChimp useful. Start with the free version, then upgrade as your list grows. The free version allows you to send up to 12,000 emails to a maximum of 2,000 subscribers. That’s awesome, innit?


Whether you’ll be managing tons of Twitter accounts like I do or yours is just one,  TweetDeck is the go-to app for your PC. Though, TweetDeck has a few shortcomings (like it’s inability to schedule pictures), it offers a clean way to manage your Twitter accounts. You’ll love MetroTwit as well, but it doesn’t allow you manage more than one account unless you’re ready to cough out a few dollars. It’s worth it though.


This is a great social media management tool. I use it for scheduling when I need to. I also use it for lesser known tasks like auto-posting to Google plus pages. I love the fact that it’s available across platforms. Desktop, Blackberry, Android etc.

TweetCaster (on Android)

When I’m on the road, and need to get stuffs done on Twitter, I turn to TweetCaster. For now.


One statement to describe Seesmic – It rocks. It allows you manage both your Twitter accounts as well as your Facebook account. You can choose to post the same status to more than one account at the same time. It’s got several features you’ll like.

A tablet

I’m almost always on the road for some reasons. Having a tablet offers me the ability to work like I’m working in an air conditioned office. With the functional apps I’ve listed in this piece and more, a tablet helps ensure you’re not losing much productivity because “you’re on the road.” While a smartphone is equally cool, there are several things I’ve tried to do with my smartphones that just sucks. I open my tablet and voila it’s done.

On screen size, go for what works for you. For me, 7” is small. I prefer 10.1” tablets and I’m confortable carrying them everywhere I go. If you love portability, go for a 7” tablet. You can as well try the “phablets ”. Before you ask me, I use the ASUS MeMO Pad Smart  10.1” as my primary (read every day) tablet.

A smartphone

Why shouldn’t a digital marketer own a smartphone anyway? Do I need to write anything about this? Definitely not.

Facebook Pages Manager

So, someone once asked me how I manage to post to Facebook pages when I’m off desktop. Before Facebook released the Facebook Pages Manager, I used to use several apps like Slate, but thank goodness someone at Facebook is thinking broad. With Facebook Pages Manager, you can post to and manage your Facebook pages right from your android device. Trust me, this app rocks if you’re a Facebook page Manager.

URL shortner (goo.gl)

From time to time, you’ll need to post links to Facebook or Twitter. Long URLs are no longer sexy. Also, some apps count every character in a link which makes your tweet unnecessarily long. Use a URL shortner to shortened the links before posting. There are many options available. Of all, I use Google shortner, goo.gl. bit.ly rocks as well.


If you’ll be tweeting several times using the same hashtag (like participating in a Twitter interview etc), you’ll find Tweetchat helpful. Once you sign in and add the hashtag you want to follow, it makes it easy for you to  send out those tweets without having to add the hashtag manually. I use TweetChat to live-tweet events, conduct interviews and more. It also shows you the interactions around the hashtag. You’ll love it.

As much as I can remember while putting this together, other services I use include SocialBakers, TwDocs, SocialBro, Buffer, Google Analytics, Topsy.

Today, there are far too many social media management tools offering a wealth of choice to every social media manager. Some are free, some are paid. Go for what works for you.

What tools/apps do you use?

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